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All The Official News Straight from Blind Lemon!


The Website is now open and the first ever Fade To Black mp3 is now available for downloading. Its a cover of Guns N Roses "Used To Love Her" , get it now from the downloads section .


A backmasked message has been found in fade to blacks MP3 Used To Love Her . When the section " But I had to kill her " is reversed the words "Hare Krishna hello" are clearly heard . The band spoke to today and officially confirmed that it was not a mistake but had been put in as a bid to let people know that the Hare Krishna and hippy movement is the only way to find true enlightenment . Luckily this was recorded ( usually recording equipment from the press is forbidden as it effects Drag N Drop drummers Karma ) and will be posted on the website soon . In the meantime why not download the backmasked message for yourself from the downloads section .

Also in the news today , the very very observant ones will have noticed we have moved the site to tripod because our last server , fortune city was quite frankly pish and took the website off the net . Damn them to hell .


Rumours are emerging that a merger could take place between Fade To Black and other local band , Greef . This would give Fade To Black lead guitarist and drummer , but the deal as of yet has not been confirmed .


Today marsks the first day of December and also the official release of Fade To Blacks Latest MP3 - a cover of Red Hot Chili Peppers Californication . Go to the downloads section and get it now .

Our friends Hard Spank now have a website . They have currently 1 MP3 to download , a cover of Rage Against the machine's Bombtrack . We recently caught their gig at the Academy and guitarist Steve Duthie went down a storm with fans . Overall the gig was very well done , however it did incite a riot which took place after the 3 song set .

Hard Spank are rumoured to be hosting a battle of the bands early next year . If Fade To Black can expand their line up in time , the first Live appearance from the band may be on .

Click here to go checkout Hard Spanks website - Everyone " STEVE-O , STEVE-O , STEVE-O "


A shocking Discovery was made today . While innocently browsing the net I stumbled upon an offensive website . At the website of a New York band named none other than Fade To Black can be found . This may result in a name change for the band you know and love . Perhaps even back to the orignal name - Anal Exploders . Any suggestions or any offers to join the band email us at .

Click here to view the other Fade To Blacks Official Website


Further rumours are emerging from the Fade To Black camp , towards who the identity of Fade To Blacks new frontman will be . After Dereck Carle retired from the limelight a short time ago , FTB have been looking for someone to fill his place . The new frontman could be Keith Johnston , an unknown recording artsist who loves the A Team , but as usual nothing has been confirmed . Watch this space.

In other news the vote for the new name is doing well with Blind Lemon currently in the lead with a whopping 4 votes , the new name will be confirmed in the near future .

Also go to the downloads section of the website and for those of you who cant be arsed to download winzip Im not naming any names (Matthew Carle , Antony Stables ) Ive added californication , our new song , in an unzipped format . Used To Love Her can also be downloaded in a non zipped format too - enjoy!


Today we have officially changed our name from Fade To Black to Blind Lemon . Thanks to everyone who voted and please note as well as the old URL we can also be found at .


To address the claims of the guitar being out of tune , it wasnt so piss off.

Other news , Blind Lemon recorded a grunge version of Red Hot Chili Peppers' Could Have Lied from Blood Sugar Sex Magik which should be downloadable soon . We think it kicks ass but no doubt someone will have a different opinion .

Go to the guestbook - Hard Spanks Steve - O has made an appearance.


Well done to Hardspank who put on a great gig today in the social area and got the capacity croud rocking . Even Miss Stuart from maths was up for a mosh . Steve O stole the show as expected , but Smitty and Paul shined through too . Joe 90 even traded his shiny new bass for a solo song on guitar , something by Green Day I think but I dont what its called .

Also today our two new songs have been posted for downloading . They are our cover of RHCPs Could Have Lied and also our new song Ode To Oldie which is about the one and only oldie .

Currently Recording

Songs we are currently working on and should be downloadable soon !

Day Tripper - The Beatles

Come As You Are - Nirvana

Californication - RHCP

Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana

Hash Pipe - Weezer

Under The Bridge - RHCP