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The Band

Details about the most important aspect of the band - the band itself !

Below are the two current and founder memebers of the band . We are currently on the look out for a drummer and another guitarits , prefferably lead .

Matthew Carle

Guitars and Vocals

Son of Fraserburghs favourite celibrity ( no not uncle Brian Topping ) , international super star Deckster Carle . Although only 16 , Matthews guitar abilities span well beyond his years and has a quick and accurate playing style . Can play either lead or rythm guitar , but prefers the latter or any other song with one guitar we decide to play . Aspires to be Kurt Cobain , Slash or Axl Rose , or Steve Duthie from Hardspank !

Guitars : Hamer Slammer Explorer , Fender Strat , Fender Acoustic

Pedals:Zoom GFX 707

Is this Matthew ? NO!


Andrew Davidson

Bass and Backing Vocals

Also 16 , Andrew is the bass player for Blind Lemon . Not to be confused with Hardspanks bass player JOE 90. A traditional finger style player , Andrew has been influenced by some of the greatest bass players of all time , including Paul McCartney and Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea . Andrew won the Mogwai Big Muff pedal but it has recently been stolen by Matthew . 2002 will see the release of Andrews signature bass , straight from Pete enterprises.

Guitars : Peavey Milstone III bass

Pedals : Mogwai Electro-Harmonix Big Muff , Zoom BFX 708

Is This Andrew?Why yes , yes it is

Keith Johnston


Stopping Blind Lemon from becoming a new age Tears For Fears , Keith has joined the band as lead vocalist . His voice suits the Blind Lemon sound perfectly and luckily our jamming sessions fit well with his work hours at Safeway. Keith has a great presence when he sings , reminicent of Axl Rose or Rolf Harris

Uses: The cheap and nasty Tandy microphone in red


The Beatles , Red Hot Chili Peppers , Jimi Hendrix , Ocean Colour Scene , Manic Street Preachers , The Kinks ,The Verve , The Monkees (wahey)

Favorite Bands


Nirvana , Guns N Roses , Led Zepplin , Rage Against the Machine , Aerosmith , Van Halen , Drookit , Dunlivin (aka Draven ), DJ Nyakeds solo career