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Downloads Page

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Please note most , if not all files below are zipped . To use the file you must have WinZip or similar to unzip it once you have downloaded . Most computers have this , if not , visit the winzip website ( link below ) to download it. If you download using GoZilla it already has a zip program and will automatically unzip the file once downloaded.

Click Here for the WinZip website

Click here for The Gozilla Website



Blind Lemon - Used To Love Her (zipped)

Blind Lemon - Used To Love Her (not zipped)

Used To Love Her - Reversed Message

Blind Lemon - Californication ( Zipped)

Blind Lemon - Californication ( not zipped)

Blind Lemon - Could Have Lied (not zipped)

Blind Lemon - Ode To Oldie

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